Software Fault Tree Analysis Tools

The Software Reliability Analysis module for Frestimate is used to generate software fault trees using the Isograph Reliability Workbench  product.  The following are the most common software failure modes and root causes. The tool generates a software fault tree using the below failure modes and root causes.  Each of the below leaves is aportioned part of the software failure rate prediction for the particular software LRU.  The relative frequency of each failure mode/root cause can be determined from actual problem reporting data or analytically by a software FMEA.


For each software LRU, a software fault tree has been created.  The top level failure rate for each software LRU is apportioned to each of the 28 failure modes based on your inputs to the Fault Tree Options tab in the Frestimate System Reliability Model tool.  These fault trees can be merged into the system level fault trees.

Example of a software fault tree analysis


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