2 Day Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis Training Course

The below software FMEA process is recommended in the IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for Software Reliability, 2017 revision.  This class presents step by step instructions and examples for cunducting a software FMEA. The class includes the Software FMEA toolkit and "Effective Application of Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis". 

This class is intended for reliability engineers, software engineers, firmware engineers, software architects, system architects, software requirements engineers, systems engineers, software test engineers, software test managers, and acquisitions personnel.  This class is now available as an online self guided guided online SFMEA training course.

Software FMEA processSoftware FMEA process

Software FMEA Training Course Outline


Expected duration*

Software FMEA training


Introduction - statement of goals for class and schedule

30 minutes

1. Preparing the Software FMEA. 

a. Identify the scope of the Software FMEA - the riskiest and most critical part of the software. 

b. Identify the people and artifacts needed to do the SFMEA.

c. Identify the viewpoints that are most applicable for the current phase of development and project risks.

d. Identify the groundrules for the Software FMEA.

e. Identify the failure definition and scoring criteria to be used for the Software FMEA

Most of morning
2. Brainstorm past failure modes 30 minutes

Lunch Break

60 minutes

3. Identify failure modes for the functional Software FMEA viewpoint 90 minutes
4. Identify consequences of the software failure modes 15 minutes
5. Mitigate the software failure modes 15 minutes
6. Generate the Critical Items List 15 minutes
Class example - The class will see a real example of a functional SFMEA 60 minutes
Day 2  

Identify failure modes for the interface SFMEA viewpoint. Interface FMEAs analyze failure modes between software, firmware and hardware.Class example - The class will see real examples of an interface SFMEA.

120 minutes

Identify failure modes for the detailed SFMEA viewpoint.. A detailed design SFMEA is performed on the design or code.  

60 minutes

Identify failure modes for the maintenance SFMEA viewpoint.. A maintenance process FMEA analyzes the failure modes related to how people support the software once it is deployed.  The focus is on failure modes that would cause previously functional software to stop functioning.  30 minutes
Lunch 60 minutes
Identify failure modes for usability SFMEA viewpoint.  A system failure can occur if an end user makes a mistake due to overly cumbersome software or instructions. 45 minutes
Identify failure modes for the vulnerability SFMEA. This is a detailed SFMEA that focuses on the design and coding failure modes that are also related to vulnerabilities. 30 minutes
How to perform a production process SFMEA. A production process SFMEA analyzes the failure modes related to how people produce the software product.  It's possible for the requirements, design and code to be working, but for the software to be unusable because there is no source control.  60 minutes
Identify failure modes for the installation SFMEA. This focuses on failure modes related to the installation or update package. For example, the software could be working properly but the installation of it might fail.    30 minutes
How to NOT do a SFMEA. 15 minutes

Closing, Q & A

15 minutes

Optional third day for on site courses.  The third day is spent doing FMEAs on your product and process with the guidance of the instructor.  1 day

*Depending on the number of students, experience or background of the class attendees

About your instructor - Ann Marie Neufelder

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Online self guided guided online SFMEA training course.

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