SoftRel's Full-Scale Assessment Model

This model correlates more 100+ software development practices to defect density.  You check the practices you have in place and Frestimate predicts the software defects based on those practices.

  • Software managers use this model for doing tradeoff analyses to determine which practices will result in lower defects in the future as well as identifying practices that may not be reducing defects as well as others.
  • Software testing managers use this model to gauge the testing effort required to meet a specific quality objective.
  • Reliability engineers use this model to predict the defects which is needed to predict the failure rate, MTBF, etc.
  • Engineering managers use this model to benchmark the organization against others in industry
  • This model is recommended in the 2016 IEEE Recommended Practices for Software Reliability.

The Fullscale module contains

  • Ability to import and export the survey data required for the model
  • A multi parameter model for predicting defect density which is then used to predict defects, MTTF, failure rate, critical MTTF, critical failure rate, reliability, availability
  • Guidance for answering the assessment survey
  • Technical help files for the Full-scale model


You have the ability to answer the survey using the software, or you can import the survey. You also have the ability to export your survey responses.

 Each survey question has information to help you answer the question accurately as well as information to help you link our survey with other software assessments so as to reduce the time to find the answers to the survey. This is one page of the fullscale defect density prediction survey.

Fullscale model defect density predictionFullscale model defect density prediction