Closest Database Match

  • The closest database match is available in the Manager's edition


  • Ability to compare your practices, techniques and product to those in our database and determine the actual defect density that most closely matches your project
  • When used properly this method can be one of the most accurate


First the user completes the Full-scale assessments.  The more assessments that are completed, the better the accuracy.

defect density prediction using an assessmentUsing the software reliability assessment results to predict defect density

Then the results of the full scale defect density assessment surveys are compared to each project in our database.  The project that is the closest to yours in terms of matching each of the survey questions is determined and the actual defect density associated with that project is returned.  The closest defect density database match is typically the most accurate predictor of software defect density as long as the surveys are completed completely and accurately.

Most accurate defect density prediction