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Software Reliability

If a system launches, flies, hovers, transports, floats, submerges, commands, controls, communicates or surveils...
It's got software.  If it's a modern system - it's software intensive.

The founder of this company invented the IEEE 1633 recommended methods for predicting software reliability - before the code is even written - and wrote the book on software failure modes effects analysis.

 Reliable software can be cost and schedule effective.  We've got real data to prove how it can be done.

 -This is an overview of software reliability. These are the benefits of an software reliability assessment.
 -This is an overview of software failure modes effects analysis (FMEA).   These are the benefits of a software FMEA.  The skinny software FMEA is here.
 -This is an overview of how to integrate software and hardware predictions into the system reliability model.

3 day Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis Training Course December 4th-6th Orlando, Fl Registration, price and location information .

NEW - A tool to select the most appropriate software reliability tasks for DoD programs. Online training class available now.

The IEEE 1633 Recommended Practices for Software Reliability 2016, chaired by Ann Marie Neufelder, was published on January 18, 2017.